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Bismuth Oxide


Bismuth Trioxide - Bi2O3 is a light yellow color powder, which turns orange red upon heating, and aftercooling turns light yellow. It has five crystallographic polymorphs. The room temperature phase, α-Bi2O3 has a monoclinic crystal structure. There are three high temperature phases, a tetragonal β-phase , a body-centred cubic γ-phase, a cubic δ-phase and an ε-phase. The room temperature α-phase has a complex structure with layers of oxygen atoms with layers of bismuth atoms between them.

Purity available in 99.5%, 99.9%, 99.99%
CAS No. 1304-76-3

Molar mass

465.96 g/mol


8.90 g/cm3

Melting point

817 °C, 1090 K, 1503 °F

Boiling point

1,890 °C (3,430 °F; 2,160 K)

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Bismuth Trioxide  as a new kind of enviromental protection material has completly replaced the toxic material that may contain lead, which are widly used in chemical and electronic industry. It also can be used in top-grade glass producing, electronic welding material, fireworks additives and bismuth products producing.

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