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Tellurium Chloride


Tellurium Tetrachloride is the inorganic compound prepared by chlorination of tellurium powder ( Te + 2 Cl2 → TeCl4 ). The reaction is initiated with heat. When chlorine is passed continually over carefully heated tellurium, the final product is a yellow liquid of Tellurium Tetrachloride, TeCl4, which solidifies to a crystalline mass on cooling. It can be purified by distillation. TeCl4 is easy deliquescence, turns light yellow or durk yellow exposed to the air. It melts at 225℃. to a yellow liquid, the colour of which deepens as the boiling- point, 390℃, is approached. The vapour is yellow and at 440℃ has a density agreeing closely with the formula TeCl4, although above 500℃ appreciable dissociation occurs, probably into the dichloride and chlorine. 

Santech Materials specializes in producing high-purity TeCl4 (purity 99.99%, 99.999%) with the smallest possible particle sizes of -60mesh, -100mesh.


CAS No. 


Molecular weight 269.41
Purity 99.99%, 99.999%
Mass Percent Cl 52.64%, Te 47.36%
Solubility in H2O soluble in cold, decomposes in hot
Density at 25 ℃(lit.) 3.26 g/mL
Melting point 224℃

Boiling point

Dipole moment 2.59 D (gas phase)
Polarizability 10-24cm3
Packing protection nitrogen or argon protection

TeCl4 has proven of occasional interest in organic synthesis. It adds to alkenes to give Cl-C-C-TeCl3 derivatives, wherein the Te can be subsequently removed with sodium sulfide. Electron-rich arenes react to give aryl Te compounds. Thus anisole give TeCl2(C6H4OMe)2, which can be reduced to the diaryl telluride. It also can be used in tellurium compounds and chemical reagent.

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