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We always believed that high quality product is the fundamental objective of Changsha Santech. Our abundant business practices and professional technologies are aimed to achieve high quality results and fulfill our promises of quality and efficient customer service.


We are committed to producing specialty purified metals and compounds. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by delivering outstanding services and products shaped by the customer’s needs.


Our success originate from the integrity and courage, the win-win cooperation is crucial for the business between customer and us. With our genuine heart, be committed to meeting the needs of our customers and devoting ourselves to customer satisfaction and loyalty, this is the motto that Changsha Santech always keep in mind.


Our mission is to sustainably develop, produce specialty purified metals and compounds tailored to meet customer requirements and  for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.


Putting People First
Talented person is the cornerstone of every enterprise. We strive to create a good workplace and ensure that every individual feels included and valued.

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