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Fujitsu uses Osram infrared LED for unlocking smartphone 2015-08-14
Using infrared light-emitting diodes (IREDs) from Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany as the light source, Fujitsu Ltd's ARROWS NX F-04G is said to be the world's first smartphone capable of being be unlocked by scanning the iris of the user. The IREDs are claimed to be the only products capable of the high power needed for iris scanning from a compact package.
Secure methods for unlocking cell phones and tablet computers are gaining importance because these devices are being used increasingly for sensitive applications such as online banking and online shopping. Not only do these methods provide better security, but they also offer a more convenient way for users to authenticate their phone, says Osram. Manufacturers are therefore increasingly turning to biometric identification as a secure and convenient solution. In addition to fingerprint scans, many manufacturers are now considering iris scanning. With this new biometric unlocking method, an infrared light illuminates the user's eye, and the camera on the smartphone simultaneously takes a picture of the iris in which characteristic features are then identified.

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