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Brief introduce of PGMs 2015-08-25
PGMs have the elements of Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd), Osmium (Os), Iridium (Ir), Ruthenium (Ru) and Rhodium (Rh).
Such elements have high temperature, corrosion, oxidation, high ductility, low expansion, electric stability, reflection and other characteristics.
Widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, jewelry, chemicals, petroleum, ceramics, glass decoration and other fields. Automobile exhaust purification devices and household appliances new composite materials have become China's largest consumer of platinum group metals market. China will gradually become a big consumer of platinum group metals.

Element  Atomic No Melting Point  Density 
77 2443°C 22.42 g/cm3
44 2427°C 12.41 g/cm3
78 1768.3°C 21.45 g/cm3 
76 3045.0℃ 22.4 g/cm3
Rhodium 45 1966℃ 12.41 g/cm3
Palladium 46 1554 °C 12.023 g/cm3

More details about Iridium and Ruthenium powder:
1)Ruthenium is the white metal. It is very hard. It gets unaffected at normal room temperature, but when you heat treat under 800°C the metal oxidizes in the air. The metal gets unaffected by aqua regia, but when treated with potassium chlorate solution, you may notice the oxidation.
2)Iridium is also the white metal, but you will able to see the slight yellowish cast. The metal is very hard and brittle. The hardness makes the metal very hard to machining, forming, or fabricating. It is the well known and most recognized corrosion resistant metal. Iridium gets unaffected by aqua regia or any of the acids, but when treated with molten salts, such as NaCl and NaCN it oxidizes.
Santech has rich experience in PGMs field with good reputation, main supply Anglo brand. Quality guaranteed with COA, customers in India, Korea, Turkey, Germany etc all satisfied with our products and service. Welcome to ask for more details and technology.

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