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Gallium Oxide


Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) is a solid oxide of Gallium, which is an important functional material for semiconductor devices. It can occur in five different modifications, α,β,δ,γ and ε. The β-Ga2O3 is the most stable crystalline phase under high temp.. Santech Materials specializes in producing β-Ga2O3 with average particle size of 3 μm below, also α-Ga2O3 can be customized.

Purity available in 99.99%, 99.999%
Particle size D50 3.5μm



Atomic weight


Molar mass

187.444 g/mol

Melting point

alpha 1900 °C, beta 1725 °C


alpha 6.44 g/cm3, beta 5.88 g/cm3


Gallium Oxide is used in phosphors, cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells, piezo-electric crystals, GGG crystals (gallium gadolinium garnets), and, most recently, in sputtering targets for GIZO or IGZO materials. These sputtering targets consist of gallium, indium, zinc, and oxide. GIZO or IGZO is the most attractive material for the flat panel component industry regarding emerging OLED displays, as it provides superior mobility for the thin film transistors that control the display pixels.

Preparation of Ga2O3:Mn thin-film emitting layer

The crystallized Ga2O3:Mn thin-film emitting layers were always identified as b-Ga2O3. The PL and EL characteristics were mainly correlated to the crystallographical properties of the thin film emitting layers. The PL characteristics were evaluated under a N2-laser excitation or using spectrofluorophotometer (SHIMADZU RF-5300 PC). The EL characteristics were evaluated with a single-insulating layer-type TFEL device which the cross-sectional structure of the device is shown in Fig. Every constituent (back Al electrode thermally evaporated on after heat treatment) of the device was an oxide material; i.e., the emitting layer, insulating layer and transparent electrode were composed of a Ga2O3:Mn phosphor thin film, thick BaTiO3 ceramic sheet insulator (thickness of about 0.2 mm) and aluminum-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) transparent conducting thin film, respectively. The EL characteristics of the TFEL devices driven by an ac sinusoidal-wave voltage were measured using a Sawyer-Tower circuit, an AC power meter and a conventional luminance meter.
It should be noted that high luminances above 500 and 100 cd/m2 for a green emission were obtained in the TFEL devices using annealed Ga2O3:Mn thin films regardless of the thin-film deposition techniques, when driven at 1 kHz and 60 Hz, respectively. Higher luminances were always obtained in TFEL devices using dip-coated Ga2O3:Mn thin films rather than sputtered films.


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