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Changsha Santech Materials Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that integrates scientific research, material processing and recycling of Tellurium and Bismuth. Committed to being a leader among specialty metals and advanced materials, Santech brings together the best of technicians and professional support, and analysis service in research institute and university. We successfully developed Tellurium Dioxide 99.999%, Tellurium 99.999%, low melting alloys, GaInSn alloy(liquid metal), as well as low-oxygen metallic powder and sperical metallic shot. Santech persistently engage in R&D of new materials ensured our endless efforts on quality excellence and continuous development. We sincerely look forward to working with reliable partners in the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
After years of efforts, we have a comprehensive quality management system and production flow with advantages of below
• Customize ultra-pure metals, alloys and compounds.
• Full process to the beginning of project and final production.
• Independent Export License (No. 01548086)
• Reputable business relationship spread over 20 countries and regions.

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