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Cadmium Telluride


Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is a stable crystalline compound formed from cadmium and tellurium. It is used as an infrared optical window and is a highly efficient solar cell material with lowest-cost types of solar cell. CdTe has many merits, such as expected bandwidth, Absorbance and Conversion efficiency whilst it is safety and low cost. Santech Materials is committed to producing CdTe powder/target and aim to be a leading premium supplier of specialty materials in China.


CAS No. 


Molar mass 240.01 g mol−1 


5.85 g·cm−3
Melting point 1092°C
Refractive index (nD) 2.57
Band gap 1.45 eV
Lattice constant 0.648 nm at 300K
Poisson ratio 0.41
Thermal conductivity 6.2 W·m/m2·K at 293 K
Specific heat capacity 210 J/Kg·K at 293K

CdTe is used to make thin film solar cells and is used as an infrared optical material for optical windows and lenses and is proven to provide a good performance across a wide range of temperatures. CdTe is also applied for electro-optic modulators. It has the greatest electro-optic coefficient of the linear electro-optic effect among II-VI compound crystals (r41=r52=r63=6.8×10−12 m/V).CdTe can be alloyed with mercury to make a versatile infrared detector material (HgCdTe). CdTe alloyed with a small amount of zinc makes an excellent solid-state X-ray and gamma ray detector (CdZnTe).

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