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Tellurium Dioxide


Tellurium Dioxide is a solid oxide of tellurium, it has two crystal structures tetragonal (α-TeO2) and monoclinic (β-TeO2), the market application and research of TeO2 is based on tetragonal TeO2 (α-TeO2). TeO2 is an amphoteric substance and therefore can act both as an acid or as a base depending on the solution it is in. Santech Materials specializes in producing high purity α-TeO2 powder (purity 99.9% to 99.999%) without acid radical ion.


CAS No. 


Molar mass 159.60 g/mol
Melting point 732℃
Transparency range 0.33-5.0
Thermal conductivity, mW/cm K 30
Mechanical Impedance, kg/m sec 3.6 x 106

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Tellurium Dioxide is used in front-side pastes, acousto-optical devices, infrared sensor, tellurite glass, avionics fiber optic system architectures, electroplating industry, and as anti-corrosive agent material in electronic elements.


Tellurium Dioxide will remain the in the domain of specialized applications in the near future with anti-corrosive materials especially in batteries, conditional glass formers, and specifically in the acousto- optic materials and products. As science develops more efficiencies and breakthroughs, it is very encouraging to see how it can extend the reach of fiber optics above and beyond any current constraints. These new may increase the demand for high purity tellurium dioxide.

Laser quality Tellurium Dioxide is an excellent piezo-optical material. It is extensively used because of it's high acousto-optical figure of merit in making acousto-optical modulators, imaging devices, splitters, deflectors, tunable polarisation filters, radio frequency spectral analysers and other acousto-optoelectronic equipment for laser radiation control. TeO2 crystals are grown by the Czochralsky method. It has higher damage threshold and better optical quality if compared with TeO2 crystals grown by some other methods.

Sometimes used to color ceramics, Tellurium dioxide has increasingly been used in optical refraction with the end use of glass fibers (fiber optics). These types of glass have high refractive indices and transmit into the mid-infared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Tellurite glasses have also been shown to exhibit Raman gain up to 30 times that of silica, useful in optical fibre amplification.

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